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Most of the content on A History of the World is created by the contributors, who are the museums and members of the public.The views expressed are theirs and unless specifically stated are not those of the BBC or the British Museum.They are all cast, that is, they are made by using mould sections and pouring hot metal into them and then removing the clay moulds.And it is astonishing how detailed the decoration is.Most important is the mandate of heaven - the notion that heaven blesses the authority of a just ruler.An incompetent ruler could be displaced by the people with the favour of the gods.Gone are the very fine spiky shapes with the detailed decoration, instead the bronzes are much larger.They have very smooth outlines and wave patterns, or rather, abstract patterns on them which are not at all as delicate as the earlier ones.

In the event that you consider anything on this page to be in breach of the site’s House Rules please Flag This Object.Sacrifices to ancestors ensured the survival and success of those who performed them.Respect for ancestors has been a central part of Chinese life for thousands of years.In 590, the city began to be called Yangzhou, which was the traditional name of what was the entire southeastern part of China then. 604–617), Yangzhou was the southern capital of China.It was called Jiangdu upon the completion of the Grand Canal until the fall of the Sui dynasty.

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Yangzhou, formerly romanized as Yangchow, is a prefecture-level city in central Jiangsu Province, China.

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